Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have offices in all of the countries that you list in your brochure?

No, we do not, but we do travel to these regions frequently to try to get to know as many of the premier candidates and banks looking to hire as we possibly can.

What can I expect after initially submitting my qualifications to the Emerging Globe Group, and specifically applying for your jobs?

An Emerging Globe Recruiter will contact you to further discuss the details of the position for which you applied, [e.g. you will be given the actual name of the Bank and so forth] or, to let you know why that position may not be an ideal fit. If there is a ‘fit’ your resume will be submitted to the Client, [or have been previously viewed by them on our site]. We will only do so once you have given your ‘okay’ that the specific situation is still of interest to you, and, that you have not already recently interviewed for it. At this juncture, should the ‘Client’ express an interest in your qualifications, our Recruiting Counselors will arrange your interviewing process, and help with your ultimate ‘offer’ negotiations, [should you choose for us to do so].

Who pays The Emerging Globe ‘fee’ if a placement is successfully executed, and a hire is made?

The ‘Client’, or Bank that is doing the hiring.

Are you a ‘contingency’, or a ‘Retained fee’ search firm?

We do both by design, so we can best service our Clients and Candidates, and best know the specific market niche that we cover for you.

Why ‘slow and steady wins the race’?

Because we feel this quote is indicative of Emerging Globe’s philosophy of staying focused on the Emerging Market Financial Sector during good times and bad ones.

How long in average do I have to wait to know about the employer?

Depending on how well your skill sets match the positions for which you have applied, which basically designates the response time that you will hear from one of our Recruiters.  If the job is a very good fit for you, someone here should contact you in the first few days after you apply online.  If the job is an okay fit, you may hear in a few weeks.  If the job does not fit your background at all, and we have many other candidates that do fit the position, we will keep you in our database, and contact you the next time something comes up that is more appropriate to your skill sets.

Is there a way I can know, what positions I already applied to?

It is possible to view which jobs you have applied for once you have logged into the website using your e-mail address and password. Simply click on “Candidates” and select “View Profile.” This will list each position you have applied for and on which date.

How often do you update the opened positions? I have opened the page a couple of times, and the opened positions remain the same?

The positions remain opened until they are filled. Unfortunately, given the current market conditions, many of these employers are hiring with very little urgency and thus many of the jobs remain open for quite some time. We are constantly updating our new jobs– they go up just as soon as we know of them in most cases.