About Us

About Our Firm

Who Are We?

We are a specialized executive search firm serving the needs of the Emerging Market financial sectors. We place finance professionals with specialized knowledge and experience of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and South Africa with banks located all over the world, including New York, Miami, South America, Mexico, and now as far afield as Moscow. Our clients are from both the Buy-side and Sell-side: U.S. Commercial and Investment Banks, European Banks, as well as Regional Firms, (Local Boutiques). We travel extensively to these regions to bring you the very best institutions, clientele and candidates.

Our Staff

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Annie Levy


Emerging Globe’s professionals have over 10 years experience in the Emerging Markets Financial sector. We have covered this market through the boom of 1991-1993, followed by the Mexican devaluation, the Russian crisis, the Brazilian devaluation, September 11th 2001, to today’s current global volatility. Our commitment to the regions and the business is for the long term, whatever the state of the market.

Our Services

Emerging Globe specializes in several specific service divisions.

-Equity and Fixed Income Sales, Trading and Sales Trading.
-Equity and Fixed Income Research.
-Equity and Fixed Income Capital Markets
-Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions.
-Private Banking
-Buyside portfolio managers and analysts.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide, the caliber of candidates we work with, and the distinction of the banks we call our clients. Emerging Globe provides the service of having all candidates sign truth of document disclosure forms upon presentation of their resumes, along with in depth reference reviews provided by an outside agency that we have retained specifically for this purpose.

Emerging Globe’s consistent commitment to the Emerging Markets has blossomed into a very special relationship. We therefore have developed a policy of donating 2% of annual profits to regional philanthropic projects, including environmental conservation awareness and education in the regions.

EMTA,[The Emerging Markets Ball designated Charities] Orphaned Starfish Foundation, EM Power, are just a few of the relationships we have established over the years, in our efforts to contribute back into the regions which sustain our business.

Please inquire if you would like further information on this unique feature of our business, or click on our website to the heading titled “environmental”.


In accordance with “Emerging Globe Group, LLC”, practices and standards we work on both a “Contingency” and a “Retained Fee”; basis, at a fixed rate of 30% of total annual compensation.

Retained Fees

Working on a retained search allows us to put all of our significant resources, and undivided attention into an extensive exploration of the market place, to fill that one particular job. A retained search is not complete until the position has been filled with the best qualified candidate available.

Contingency Fees

A contingency search gives the client the opportunity to “try us out”. There is no financial obligation until a candidate is actually hired through the use of our services. Contingency allows everyone to be comfortable, while we demonstrate the high caliber service that we can provide.

Our Guarantee

In the event an employee resigns, or is terminated with cause during the first 90 days of employment, Emerging Globe Group will replace the employee, or refund the fee according to the following retention schedule:

After 30 days : 1/3 of fee is earned.
After 60 days : 2/3 of fee is earned.
After 90 days : full fee is earned.